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Universal Cloud Decompiler

Discussion in 'Reverse Engineering' started by CodeCracker, Sep 11, 2017.

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  1. CodeCracker

    CodeCracker - Elite Member -
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    Sep 9, 2017
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    The first cloud based tool that decompiles almost everything! Decompile files on the fly, from everywhere, and on every device.
    PHP Encoded
    • Reverzor can decompile most PHP encoded files. Examples are ionCube, Zend Guard, bCompiler bz2, TrueBug, Nu-Coder, MMCache, eAccelerator and more!
    .NET Binaries
    • Reverzor can decompile all the latest C# and VB compiled related files, including EXE and DLLs. You are able to recover the full SLN project file for Visual Studio.
    Android APK
    • Reverzor can decompile up to the latest Android apps, recovering almost all compiled binaries in to source files. Including Class/DEX/RES decompiling.
    AutoIt Binaries
    • Reverzor can decompile AutoIt binaries, recovering it back to readable source code. It will also deobfuscate the obfuscated code/classes.
    Flash SWF
    • Reverzor can decompile SWF clips and programs back into FLA source files. This includes recovery of all graphical resources and CC Animate project files.
    LUA Scripts
    • Reverzor can decompile and recover LUA compiled scripts back into readable and editable scripts. This feature is still in beta and in development.
    NSIS Installers
    • Reverzor can decompile and recover the original NSIS script inside the NSIS setup file, allowing you to recompile the NSIS project.
    Packed Binaries
    • Reverzor unpack protected binaries. This is required before you try to decompile protectd binaries. Examples are UPX, ASPack, SFX.
    Obfuscated Bins
    • Reverzor can deobfuscate hard protected binaries, rearranging and cleaning up the obfuscated functions in a binary.
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